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Copyright protects a piece of art, such as a sculpture, a story, a song, but can protect also products of applied art, such as the design of chairs, jewellery, etc. Software can also be protected by copyright.


Copyright quite often covers the whole world. Respective international treaties support the protection. However, an individual look at each country is required, because national practise may differ.


Copyright protection in general expires 70 years after death of the creator. Copyright is important because it is established by the simple act of creation. However, the definition of the required level of creativity and enforcement may be difficult, at least if copyright should protect applied art (day to day products).



VJP offers a range of services for owners of copyrights. For example: advising about protectability (e.g. is the level of creativity sufficient?); negotiating license agreements; and infringement proceedings (e.g. warning letters, filing of suits, pleading before court, enforcing the rights).