Viering, Jentschura & Partner


Designs are important because they allow to protect the "look and feel" of products which is a very decisive factor for each buyer. Designs are important not only for textile, watch and car business, but also for the styling and packaging of day to day products like food, tools or electronic equipment.



VJP offers a range of services for applicants and owners of designs. For example: availability searches (in order to evaluate the risk of infringement of third parties rights); advising about protectability (e.g. are they new and have individual character?); advising about best filing strategy (combination of different design systems to obtain proper protection for a reasonable price); filing of applications; watching service (so that the own registration can be defended against dilution); filing of or defending against cancellation requests; negotiating license agreements; infringement proceedings (e.g. warning letters, filing of suits, appearing in court on behalf of the client, enforcing rights); and assessing the value of a design or design portfolio.