Viering, Jentschura & Partner

Infringement Proceedings and Litigation

Intellectual Property (IP) rights grant a monopoly. Some clients are happy just to show their inventiveness and IP awareness by owning a substantial portfolio of IP rights, documented in respective certificates. More and more clients see the IP right also as a tool against competitors. They want to use this right of monopoly to get a "return on investment" for the costs of developing and of protecting the IP right.


Using the own IP right against a competitor who offers a product or service which falls under its scope of protection is an essential element of Intellectual Property. Elements of such infringement proceedings and litigation are: warning letters, protective letters, preliminary injunctions, suits for injunctive relief, suits for damages, customs seizures, license and settlement agreements, enforcements, and criminal proceedings.



VJP offers the whole range of litigation services. For example: infringement analyses and freedom to operate opinions; advising about litigation strategies, on national and international level; forum shopping; out of court activities; filing of and defending against preliminary injunctions of all kind; filing of and defending against and suits of all kind; pleadings before court; damage calculations; mediations and arbitrations; negotiating license and settlement agreements; enforcements, also before customs; and coordinating international (cross border) litigation.