Viering, Jentschura & Partner

Utility Models

In Germany, utility models provide – like patents – protection for all kinds of technical and chemical inventions. Due to legal provisions, however, they do not provide protection for any kind of methods. The most significant advantage of the utility model is that it can be obtained in short time and is granted without previous substantial examination. Contrary to patents, a utility model application can be filed even after publication of the invention due to a novelty grace period for utility models.



VJP ranks first place in Germany for the number of represented utility model applications. We offer a range of services for applicants and owners of utility models. For example: preparation and filing of utility model applications in all fields of engineering and natural sciences; watching service with respect to the activities of competitors in the area of utility model protection; filing of or defending against nullity proceedings; negotiating license agreements; infringement proceedings (e.g. warning letters, filing of suits, appearing in court on behalf of the client, enforcing rights); preparing legal opinions with respect to protectability or infringement; and assessing the value of a utility model or utility model portfolio.