Viering, Jentschura & Partner

Creating the Future. With you.

Our success is based on our 170 staff members in altogether seven offices worldwide. Together, we represent the success of Viering, Jentschura & Partner with great passion, personal commitment and broad knowledge and skills.


The corporate culture of our patent and law firm is dominated by team work and openness. We appreciate and value our employees and attach great importance to scopes for personal development. In times of high workload we support each other, but also allow ourselves a break. We know that we can only be creative and successful on the long-term, if our work constantly receives new impetus from outside.


VJP offers you the opportunity to achieve self-fulfillment and to create your future actively in an international environment.


Our firm supports IP WSA. IP Workforce Skills Qualifications is a national credentialing system in Singapore.


Create your future. With us.


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