VJP – Guiding Your Intellectual Property Journey in Germany

Welcome to Viering, Jentschura & Partner mbB Germany, where we have been guiding innovation with precision and expertise since 1976. Across the dynamic landscapes of Munich, Düsseldorf, and Dresden, our offices stand as pillars of intellectual property excellence, each with their distinct advantages and offerings.

Düsseldorf: The IP Court Capital
VJP in Western Germany

In the heart of Europe's industrial powerhouse, our Düsseldorf office stands in a city that is a beacon for intellectual property protection. Renowned for its economic vigor and legal importance, Düsseldorf is the battleground for major patent infringement cases.

Legal Excellence in the Ruhr: The Düsseldorf Regional Court and High Regional Court are among Europe's most influential venues for patent law. Our presence here means clients benefit from our direct access to specialized judges and a deep understanding of the court's inner workings.


Economic and Cultural Synergy: Beyond legal significance, Düsseldorf's robust economy and diverse cultural fabric make it an attractive European hub. From its bustling Japanese district to its industrial roots, our Düsseldorf office is at the crossroads of tradition and innovation.

VJP embodies the spirit of German ingenuity. We are more than attorneys; we are custodians of creativity, champions of innovation, and your trusted partners in intellectual property law. Join us at VJP, where your ideas are not just understood, but zealously protected and strategically positioned for global success.