Each company has its capital. Our capital includes more than 210 individuals—the number of people working in our four offices in Germany and Singapore. Our team works with passion, personal commitment, and comprehensive expertise—all for our clients' success, our team members' personal success, and Viering, Jentschura & Partner's success.

Teamwork and refreshing frankness characterize the company culture among our patent attorneys and attorneys at law. We value and respect our employees and believe in fostering their personal development. When the going gets tough, we pull together as a team and support one other. Yet, we recognize that we work to live, rather than live to work, and thus we recognize the importance of taking breaks to recover, refuel, and gather new momentum. In the end, we are at our best when camaraderie and teamwork are catalysts for our efforts. 

Our firm supports IP WSA. IP Workforce Skills Qualifications is a national certification system in Singapore.


Increase your and our capital. Join us if you seek the possibility of self-fulfillment in shaping your future in an international environment. We look forward to meeting you.