VJP in Southern Germany.

Even though we work internationally, we value geographic proximity to our clients, courts, and patent offices. Ultimately, both VJP and our clients benefit from being readily accessible to one another.

For this reason, we maintain our headquarters in Munich—a city where innovation is a way of life, and one of the – if not the – most successful and fast-growing business locations in Germany.

Munich is a High-Tech metropolis. Leading companies in microelectronics, aeronautics, medical engineering, computer sciences, communication technology, and some of the most significant biotechnological institutes of Germany are headquartered here. Six of the 30 German DAX-companies come from the Bavarian capital.


The German Patent and Trademark Office, the European Patent Office, and the Federal Patent Court are all located in the Bavarian Capital. Furthermore, Munich is one of the three most important venues for civil patent infringement proceedings. Of course, we take advantage of our proximity to these courts and patent offices for our clients' benefit.